Not all English Editors are the Same

Thanks to the globalization of academia, many great students and researchers require English editing services to polish their academic papers and documents. However, they believe in certain myths, which may lead to the wrong choice of editing services.

Academic expertise is different from writing expertise. Although perceived as one, they are significantly different from each other. Academic papers, manuscripts and documents written by top scholars often suffer from poor editing and translation, especially academics whose native language is not English. In the wake of globalization of academia and blurring of physical boundaries, academic editing by a professional English editor has gained popularity. For, despite being well researched, academic papers often face rejection due to poor language skills. This trend has given birth to countless editors, all claiming to be pundits of native English.

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The Popular Myths

Academics often fall prey to certain myths ruling editing services and tarnish their papers by hiring improper editing services instead of getting them polished by experts.

Here’s an insight into these myths.

• Editors charging low academic editing fee rates will be good enough, considering the fact that they are editors.

This is a misconception, as academic editing requires a variety of skills apart from simple grammar and spelling expertise. A combination of subject knowledge, flow of the document, essentials of writing academic papers and knowledge of appropriate presentation is a must.

• Expensive editors are the best.

This is not true, as skills are not equivalent to price. Sometimes, editors return the document with mere proofreading. Editing goes beyond correcting spelling errors and incorrect sentences. So, basing the decision on fee is often a mistake.

• Those who have attended English courses are always good editors.

Many editors claim to be native English experts on the basis of a three- or five-year English course attended by them. Expert editors are those who are truly native English speakers.

• Native English co-authors can be excellent editors

Not all native English speakers may have great editing skills. Moreover, an author immersed in preparing the best academic paper often misses out mistakes while writing. A fresh pair of objective eyes is therefore the best for editing.

Steer away from these myths. Polish your document or paper by hiring the best English editing services that boast a team of excellent native English editing experts.


Why do you need to edit your documents by professionals?

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English editing services are provided by the professionals for thesis, dissertation, manuscript for submission to journals, academic paper, professional document, business correspondence, emails, etc. to ensure that the documents are all error free and styled in a proper manner before they are submitted for the final review or scoring. At HKNETS, senior editors correct the mistakes and polish your writing to a native English standard rather than just correct grammatical mistakes and typos. Contact them on and mail your documents for an error-free editing.

Reasons Why Thesis Proofreading is A Must

Proofreading is a very important element of producing a great written document, and it takes great knowledge and patience to proofread a document like a thesis or dissertation, especially when it comes to submission of any of your work to avoid rejection.

Proofreading can sometimes be seen as something which isn’t necessary or is a costly exercise or something which doesn’t apply to you. When it comes to thesis proofreading, it is important to figure out whether or not it communicates its message. If not, it is necessary to get your documents proofread by professionals.

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Here are 3 quick reasons why proofreading is important:-

1. The cost implications of having errors fixed

There can be a situation when an email address might not match the web address. Having said that, this is a small example of an error which could expand to a greater level of mistake that only professionals can point out and rectify. Once rectified, you may keep in mind not to make the same mistake again in the future, thereby saving time, money and at the same time enhancing your potential.

2. Damage to your academic scores and career

Proofreading can play a vital part in any document no matter what size it is and whether it is for academic or business purposes. Misspelled words, poor grammar and inconsistent information amongst a host of other things, can all have a negative effect on your scores. Post essay proofreading can result in a confident and successful submission of your document, while on the other hand an unedited document might result in rejection thereby affecting your scores, and even career.

3. Avoiding unintended meaning

Many a time, we end up writing or typing words in inappropriate places. This doesn’t come under the scan of spellcheckers, and may make a difference to the flow as well. Though it drastically changes the meaning of the entire statement, it still remains a valid word, even if it is not correct in a particular place. So, a professional proofreader can do the necessary by choosing valid words to replace those that have been used incorrectly.

These are the reasons why proofreading of documents is important to be done by professional editors and proofreaders. It is a must when it comes to academic papers and business documents. It is not always feasible for the author to go through their own write-up during the process, as it is hectic to pen a thesis. Hence, getting the editing done by someone else, preferably by professionals, is a much better option.

HKNETS offers professional editing services by native English editors for your thesis, dissertation, manuscript for submission to journals, academic paper, professional document, business correspondence, emails, etc. Contact them on or email for further information.

How to Edit Your Thesis Professionally

Finished writing your thesis? Done with that last paragraph? It was tiring, wasn’t it? It’s time now to read over the entire document and to edit it. Do you feel it is ok without editing? Think again, because the editing process might not be done the right way. Learn how professionals do it.

It’s no wonder that writing a thesis is one of the most tiring jobs. And thesis editing is even more tiring as you already feel tired and no longer want to go through the write-up which you already have been over a million times, maybe!dissertation proofreadingEditing your dissertation is one of the most important things you will do before submitting it and earning your doctorate, so here are some do’s and don’ts when editing your dissertation.

a) Do edit your thesis or dissertation – even if it’s after a break

Some students believe they can quickly read through their dissertation (having just finished it) and pass it off as “editing”. However, careful editing by reading each line of text is important. Understandably, students get tired of looking at their paper, but if you have the time, take a few days to recharge your batteries before reading it again.

b) Edit “after” you are done with your writing

Getting your thoughts on paper should be your first priority. A good time to start editing is when you get writer’s block; read over some content to edit, and get re-inspired.

c) Do consider hiring a professional editor

Do not rule out the idea of hiring an editor, because it is worth all your months-long efforts. Find the one who, you think, is able to provide quality services at good prices with good value for your money.Some dissertation editors even customize their services to fit your needs, so if you only want to have one or two chapters edited, remember that you have options.

d) You may consider friends and family for a quick second read

Though they might not be professional editors, your family and friends can help point out awkward phrases and tie up any loose ends, thereby helping you out with the first step of editing. Also, colleagues in the program with you will already know about university guidelines, so they would be of great help to you.

e) Do edit your thesis in parts

Divide your thesis into parts, sections or chapters and edit in smaller chunks to handle the pressure and reduce the effort. Provide plenty of time between writing and editing the same chunk.

Following these processes might make your thesis editing an easy task. Or else, you may also get professional help with a PhD thesis editing charge that is as reasonable as you can afford. HKNETS is a good option for this. Contact them on or email for details.

Who to hire for proofreading your important documents?

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You are about to submit your academic or business documents, but not yet sure whether the same are error-free or professional enough for the final submission. Proofreading services provided by the professional and qualified native English editors who are experienced in their job for quite a while is the best solution you can go for. HKNETS offers proofreading and editing services for your thesis, dissertation, manuscript for submission to journals, academic paper, professional document, business correspondence, emails. Contact us at for details.

Top Reasons Why Proofreading is Important for Your Thesis

A thesis or research paper is one which takes a lot of hard work, tiring days and brainstorming for hours that lead to reflective conclusions. Would you like your efforts to go to waste, without the proper correction work done? If not, get your paper proofread by professional proofreaders.

Proofreading is the last step of revising a written document to locate mistakes in grammar, logic, sentence formation, vocabulary, spelling and structure. It is often essential to opt for thesis proofreading to make your research paper or any other academic document perfect and free from errors. In short, professional proofreading services can help you achieve results that are worth all your efforts.

thesis proofreadingImportance of proofreading your thesis or research papers:

a) Proofreading eliminates every possible error that your thesis might contain. Without professional proofreading, your thesis might lag behind and not attain good scores.

b) Originality and organization of your research work stand among the most important factors of your thesis. However, the overall presentation and error-free flow of the document contribute towards an academic paper ready to be submitted.

c) Your research paper should be not only neat but also readable in terms of how well you have formatted and laid out your content.

d) A well-written thesis which is also edited and formatted well reflects the author’s thinking and knowledge through the writing thereby impressing the institute to which the thesis is to be submitted.

e) Thesis proofreading secures a good score, and eventually a good academic and professional future.

f) Only a professional proofreader can ensure the required fluidity of thought in your thesis thereby syncing every single word and sentence with each other.

g) Qualified proofreaders work manually and more efficiently than software and automated online services which provide only grammatical and spellchecking help.

A poorly written thesis can’t communicate its message to the reader. A professional proofread service ensures that your academic documents are perfect at all levels, and free from grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors, and also free from inconsistencies in regard to structure and logic.

The only way to achieve perfection in your writing is proofreading – done by qualified and experienced proofreaders and editors. One more very important element of proofreading is that it should include a thorough examination of the strength and validity of your argument and the trustworthiness of the information that you have used.

HKNETS offers proofreading services by native English editors who are qualified and experienced to provide services for your thesis, dissertation, manuscript for submission to journals, academic paper, professional document, business correspondence, emails, etc. Contact them on or email for details.

Tips on Hiring the Best Proofreader for Your Dissertation

Getting a fresh pair of eyes to check your dissertation is always suggested. But, it shouldn’t be a friend or family member. You can’t be sure of their command of grammar, punctuation and spelling that is required. Hence, the solution is a dissertation proofreader.

Once your dissertation is done, remember you are going to share it with a public audience. You can always get your dissertation checked by your acquaintances, but professional help is a must when it comes down to being ensured of the professional outlook. Dissertation proofreading should be done by an experienced proofreader, one who has been trained to do the job and who can supply professional references that demonstrate that they can do what they claim.

dissertation proofreadingLet’s talk about choosing the right one that suits your required purpose best.While choosing the right proofreader for your particular purpose, do keep in mind the following:

• Give yourself enough time to find the right person; don’t book at the last moment. There might be a chance that the person you are interested to work with might not be available at the eleventh hour.

• Research the specialized subject areas and career background to find the right one for your document.

• Ask for a portfolio of projects to review their prior work, and check for the ones that match the profile of your own piece of work. This will give you an idea of their work experience and expertise level of the languages they work with.

• Can they supply good references or positive reviews from clients?

• Learn about their qualifications and professional training relevant to their job.

• Are they affiliated with a national editing/proofreading society like the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, membership of which requires adherence to a professional code of conduct and demonstration of a certain standard of competence and/or level of experience?

• If you need to get your thesis proofread, look for a proofreader and not editor, copy-editor, copywriter or indexer.

• Inform them about your requirements and zero into the deadline for completion of the work.

• Talk and fix the payment terms first to avoid any confusion afterwards.

• Be prepared to send your prospective proofreaders a sample of the work so they can evaluate whether they are best suited to help you, how long the job will take and what the fee will be at the end of the work.

The editors at HKNETS perfectly match your requirements. They are qualified and professional native English editors who are experienced in their field for over 15 years. Contact them on or email for details.